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Bedroom Reno in Grafton with Drywall and Interior Painting

By admin, 24 November, 2021

This bedroom was 20x17. It required drywall and painting and some trim work.

Work was completed in November 2021.

On this job we started with drywall repairs.

We replaced the drywall on the south side wall as well as inside the closet.

This included taking off the damaged drywall boards and measuring and installing new ones.

Once all of the drywall was installed on the south wall and inside the closet we then started taping and mudding.

This process took 2 days as we had to give the drywall compound 24 hours to dry.

Once it was completely dry we then sanded in all areas and filled in all screw holes. We then used the customers choice of paint to paint all walls in the bedroom and painted the walls in the closet.

We put the first coat on the first day and gave it 24 hours to dry and applied the second coat the very next day.

We then moved onto installing trim around all closet doors and the bedroom door and installed baseboard around the entire perimeter of the room including the closet. Once the trim and baseboard was installed our next step was filling in all nail holes and then painted.