Wood panel wall



This project is a renovation job in an older home located in Cobourg, Ontario. This home had paneling on the walls and the owners were looking for a more modern look. At the owners request we drywalled over top of the panels excluding the fireplace wall. Above the fireplace we tore off the panel so we could install to electrical outlets for purposes of plugging in a t.v. if needed. We also replaced all electrical plugs with up to date ones. Before drywalling over the paneling we tore out a small half wall and tore out the bulk head all around the room. Once this was done we then proceeded to install the drywall throughout the entire perimeter of the room. We then used paper tape on all corners and joints and layerd them with three light coats of mud mixed with sheetrock to make it more durable and to prevent cracking. All screw holes were covered with this same mud. Then it was sanded down very smoothly. Once the paint is picked out from the customer then we will be painting the entire room for them. (More pics to come in near future of newly painted room).